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Vander Industries is a new, energetic and innovative Australian company with a passion for redesigning and repurposing architectural hardware.

We are inspired by recent years of increased renovations of residential and commercial buildings and the need to make new and modern home hardware become more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, ergonomic and affordable.

Vander Industries have designed, invented and patented our LinearLocksets (for our passage, privacy and entrance range), an intuitive and unique door furniture system, which will revolutionise the way we open our doors in the future.

If you have any further queries or

wish to enquire about investment,

business opportunities or ordering

products please do not hesitate in

contacting us to meet and to

provide product demonstrations.

Thuan Nguyen 

Director | Inventor | Founder

ACN: 605471047  |  ABN: 75605471047 |  Ph: 0412358202

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