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Intellectual Property Licensing & Wholesale

Our Award winning, Unique and Novel Push & Pull mechanism is Patented in the EU, AU, China and North America (pending).

Our patented mechanism uses less than half of the components of existing door lock mechanisms and is 90% more efficient to operate.

These key features provide a manufacturing advantage whilst also providing a consumer advantage in operation and costs.

These Novel and Unique features are key to our success, with our cumbersome Patent protecting our mechanism and designs in 4 Major continents we are well placed in the market with a great monopoly advantage.

Sales & Marketing inquiries contact:

Design Distribution Pty Ltd

Karen Amor

p: +61 07 3040 0774   m: +61 (0)400 090 466


For investment and/or licensing inquiries please contact:

Mr Thuan Nguyen;


p: +61412358202

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