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10 years ago when I was renovating my mother's house, I was faced with a lack of choice of ergonomic DIY hardware, particularly the availability of ergonomic door furniture. Ergonomic door furniture was a must for my mother as she suffers from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis and using her fingers and wrist movement was painful when she needed to open a door in her house.

My mother deserved the same rights to access, privacy and security in her own home, as we all do. Unfortunately, the door handle market was flooded with the same lever and round ball type handles which were difficult to manipulate for people such as my mother who has physical impairments.

I searched to find more ergonomic door handles, however, this did not result in many readily available options. Furthermore, these options were expensive and they did not offer a DIY alternative.

Thus, I endeavored to go about designing and inventing a simple locking mechanism which only required a push and pull operation of a door handle to unlock and open.


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