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10 times more efficient to operate,

requires less than 10% of the work to open a conventional lever or knob door handles.

Form and Function seamlessly merge in Harmony.


Pre-assembled, with easy 4 steps and 5 minutes installation



Requires less than half the parts and materials compared to conventional lever or knob door handle saving precious environmental resources and economy.



Commercial Grade Solid Stainless Steel.

Tested to function beyond 500,000 cycles


Made from 100% solid Stainless steel finished in Polished, Brush and Matte Black.

Cutting edge

Australian Architectural design 

100 % Designed and Assembled in Australia,

Ensuring Quality, Reliability and Durability


You can easily Retro fit into your existing standard doors without further cutting or drilling.

Just Plug in and Play.


Mix and Match finishes

Or easily and economically update your styles in the future by simply replacing handles and covers to match decor

door handle


Push button

Fixed handle for soft close or latch control

Push or Pull Lever

Design,finish and colorcustomisable

Lock Snib (PRIVACY)



Push Pull Door handle and Lock


The frontier of high end door furniture is finally here.

Beautifully crafted with parallel edges, there are no parallels in high end door furniture.

Designed to appear flush with the face of the door for a cleaner and minimalist look.

Style: Industrial, modern. 

Use: Residential, Commercial; Passage & Privacy 

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Size: 90mm (L) x 90mm (H) x 35mm (D)

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Push Pull Door handle and Lock


Designed to set the standard for High End architecture.

Concentric ripples of shadows and light effect around the push button. 

An elongated pull lever allows for ease of handling and operation.

Designed and finished to enhance the appearance of any door.

Style: Ultra-Modern, contemporary.


Material: Stainless Steel 304

Use: Residential, Commercial; Passage & Privacy 

Size: 90mm (L) x 80mm (H) x 35mm (D)

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Push Pull Door handle and Lock


Looks of Opulence, timeless design and simple in function.

A real show piece to enhance the look and function of your Entrance doors. 

A large stylish operational plate-handle allows easy grip, handling, and manipulation of the lock from all directions by any means.

Push and/or Pull Function on both sides, suitable for Pivot doors.


Intergrated secure Key Lock and deadlatch.  

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Style: Modern, High End Architectural.

Use: Residential, Commercial; Entrance.

Size: 120 mm (H) x 80 mm (L) x 40 mm (D)

Push Pull Door handle and Lock

Modern Class

A Modern Classic, timeless in design and simple in function.

Allows easy grip, handling, and manipulation of the lock from all directions by any means.

Style: Modern, Classic, Tradititional

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Use: Residential, Commercial; Passage & Privacy 

Size: 80mm (Diameter) x 35mm (Depth)

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‘Opening the doors of your future’

Introducing our patented Push or Pull door furniture

We believe the way forward in door furniture is to be simplistic in design and functionality. We invented a lockset which requires less than 10% (10 times more efficient) of the energy to open a conventional door handle, by eliminated the pivoting action (turning action) and all associated mechanical parts of the conventional lever and knob handles. As a result, our door furniture only consists 11 parts comparably to conventional and similar locksets which contain between 30 to 40 parts.


Thus, the less number of parts equates to less materials and assembly needs, which translates to lower costs in manufacturing and less cost to consumers. 

Furthermore, with less parts to assemble and lower costs we are able to focus and craft each component from high quality solid metal alloys and we do not use plastics, brass or aluminium parts. To ensure the durability and reliability of our product, our door furniture is made from 100% solid Stainless steel, which almost by double exceeds the strength of standard aluminum and brass. Stainless Steel has excellent corrosion resistence without further coating and plating.

Our residenstial door furniture has been designed and tested to function beyond 500,000 cycles, which surpasses (by double) the minimum Australian, Amercian and Eupropean Standards for residential Door furniture (AS 4145.2).

Our commerical door furniture can withstand over 80 Joules (5 times ) of impact force which exceeds Class 2 ANSI standards for latches and locks.

Ergonomically designed for access for all

Due to its intuitive and effortless functionality, our locksets are ideal for the younger, the older and movement impaired persons to operate.

Our locksets are specifically designed to comply with Australian Standards for Disability Access (AS1428.1 – Access and Mobility)


Contemporary styling

Form and function rarely come in perfect harmony. We designed the ‘form’ of our door furniture to seamlessly merge with its function. As evident in our handles, our designs embody sleek and high end architectural good looks.  You may now add that touch of sophistication to your home and office.


Due to its ‘flat plate’ profile, the design of our handles are slim and minimalist, with the rose and handle sitting almost flush with the door (20mm minimum setting).
Our door furniture also allows interchangeable handle styles without having to replace the whole lockset unit. You can now with ease, mix, match and update to your needs now and in the future without the expense of replacing the whole unit.


Ease of Installation – ‘Perfect for DIY’

Our door furniture is designed for ‘do it yourself’ installation and it is as easy or easier to install than conventional door locksets.
Our door furniture is specifically dimensioned to fit all existing standard door bores and you can replace your existing units without further drilling or cutting into your doors.
Simply remove your old door handles and retrofit with our new locksets within minutes. 
(please peruse our installation guide)

Security and privacy in our modern homes.

As we become more ‘connected’ by technology our privacy and security becomes more important. This is why our handles come equipped with privacy locks for bathrooms and bedrooms, which can be easily opened in cases of emergency.

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